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Rusty Swan-neck Moss - Campylopus flexuosus

Campylopus introflexus

Dwarf Swan-neck Moss - Campylopus pyriformis

Shepherd's Purse - Capsella bursa-pastoris

Large Bittercress - Cardamine amara

This plant does not flower for a long period of time. it can be seen in the Scrapes.

Wavy Bittercress - Cardamine flexuosa

Hairy Bittercress - Cardamine hirsuta

Lady's Smock - Cardamine pratensis

Milkmaids and Cuckoo Flower are just two of the names that this flower is known by. This is the food plant of the Orange Tip butterlfy.

Welted Thistle - Carduus crispus

Slender Tufted-sedge - Carex acuta

Lesser Pond Sedge - Carex acutiformis

Spring Sedge - Carex caryophyllea

White Sedge - Carex curta

Dioecious Sedge - Carex dioica

Brown Sedge - Carex disticha

Found on wetland.

Star Sedge - Carex echinata

Glaucous Sedge - Carex flacca

Hairy Sedge - Carex hirta

Smooth-stalked Sedge - Carex laevigata

Bristle Sedge - Carex microglochin

Common Sedge - Carex nigra

Oval Sedge - Carex ovalis

Pale Sedge - Carex pallescens

Carnation Sedge - Carex panicea

Greater Tussock-sedge - Carex paniculata

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