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Adding individual species is a work in progress. Go here for the full list of species in PDF format to download

Agelena labyrinthica

Antistea elegans

Garden Cross Spider - Araneus diadematus

The Garden Cross spider builds an orb-web - the "typical" spider's web in order to catch its prey.

Dew laden webs can be seen on the heathland and in the meadows in late summer.

Araneus marmoreus

Four Spot Orb spider - Araneus quadratus

This spider felt really heavy when it walked across my hand!

Green Cucumber Spider - Araniella cucurbitina

This well camouflaged spider builds a web to catch insects.

Bathyphantes approximatus

Bathyphantes gracilis

Dictyna arundinacea

Diplocephalus permixtus

Raft Spider - Dolomedes fimbriatus

Enoplognatha ovata

Gnathonarium dentatum

Larinioides cornutus

False Scorpion - Lasiochernes cretonatus

Linyphia triangularis

Lophomma punctatum

Metellina mengei

Metellina segmentata

Microlinyphia pusilla

Pachygnatha clercki

Paidiscura pallens

Pardosa amentata

Pholcus phalangioides

Pirata piraticus

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