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Herring Gull - Larus argentatus

Common Gull - Larus canus

Hare - Lepus europaeus

This photo was taken by John, as he watched a pair of Hares feeding on the middle moor. Thi swas also the photo that we used as the front cover of the 2018 calendar.

Palmate Newt - Lissotriton helveticus

Smooth Newt - Lissotriton vulgaris

Grasshopper Warbler - Locustella naevia

Common Crossbill - Loxia curvirostra

Parrot Crossbill - Loxia pytyopsittacus

Otter - Lutra lutra

An Otter and her youngster have been seen below the weir at the lake.

Jack Snipe - Lymnocryptes minimus

Badger - Meles meles

Goosander - Mergus merganser

Field Vole - Microtus agrestis

Red Kite - Milvus milvus

Pied Wagtail - Motacilla alba

Grey Wagtail - Motacilla cinerea

Grey Wagtails can be seen searchinig for insects at the lake and cascading ponds. They have usually left the reserve by autumn.

Spotted Flycatcher - Muscicapa striata

Stoat - Mustela erminea

Weasel - Mustela nivalis

Bank Vole - Myodes glareolus

Whiskered Bat - Myotis mystacinus

Natterers Bat - Myotis nattereri

Water Shrew - Neomys fodiens

Curlew - Numenius arquata

Whimbrel - Numenius phaeopus

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