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Finishing Jobs and Quiz Answers

Tuesday, July 4th 2017

I had hoped that the Tuesday volunteers might be able to do some painting today. They put in so many hours of hard physical labour, cutting things down, building things up, and repairing things that I thought a pleasant day of painting the sheds near the field centre to make them look smart for our Foxglove 25 celebrations would make a nice change. However, as has been typical of the last few days, the day started off wet, and got wetter as the day went on, putting an end to all my painting plans. So it was back to the hard labour in the rain.

We have been working on two paths in recent weeks, repairing path edges, removing the weeds and then refilling with gravel, before finally compacting it all with the whacker plate. Both were nearly finished and I am happy to report that after today’s efforts they have now been completed.

Meanwhile Christine and Stuart continued painting the finger posts and net ride signs in the workshop. This job has been ongoing for a while- It is amazing just how many signs the reserve has once you start taking them all down to paint them!

With the pathways complete we moved over to the Heath to tidy the hedge along the roadside.

Thanks very much to everyone who came to help today.

The winners of the Headgear Quiz can be seen below.

Judith Hutchinson
Chris Heap
Mike Fenwick

Stacey and Adam
Christine Byers
The Coopers

Stuart Barron
Mike Brooks

Mike and Anne Bacon

Trish Illingworth

Thank you for supporting us by buying the quiz and particularly those who returned them.

We are also grateful to Pat Thistlethwaite who compiles them for us.

The answers are as follows:

1 Cloche Hat
2 Cowl
3 Crown
4 Coronet
5 Bowler
6 Stovepipe hat
7 Pork pie hat
8 Mitre
9 Busby
10 Panama
11 Mantilla
12 Bearskin
13 Homburg
14 Tiara
15 Helmet
16 Top hat
17 Bonnet
18 Pillbox
19 Fedora
20 Balaclava
21 Biretta
22 Crash helmet
23 Opera hat
24 Kepi
25 Derby
26 Mortar board
27 Topi
28 Veil
29 Trilby
30 Tarboosh
31 Tamo’shanter
32 Sun hat
33 Sou’wester
34 Balmoral
35 Sailor hat

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